Connect VM to network

Connect VM to network 8) If you have several virtual data centres, you can now choose in which one you want the vApp to be created.

9) In this mask, you can customise the names of the VMs.

10) To continue, confirm your action by clicking the Next button.

Select VM network

12) Select the network to which each VM should be connected.

12.1) Click on Add Network… in the dropdown menu to create a vApp network. The procedure is described in step 14, below.

13) You can also choose where the VM should get its IP address from: Static IP Pool, Static manual or DHCP (if a DHCP service has already been configured). We recommend using "Static IP Pool" here rather than "DHCP" because the IP is then automatically and permanently configured on the network adaptor.

Click the Next button to confirm your choice and continue.

Add vapp network

14) Creating a vApp network:

14.1) Customise the IP address as desired and specify the DNS server.

14.2) Make sure that the IP range of the static IP pool is in the same network as the standard gateway.

Add vapp network

14.3) Enter a name for the network and confirm your action by clicking the Next button.

14.4) You can now consult the summary and complete the procedure by clicking on Finish.

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